Best Brain In Education

Why Best Brain?

Make your own future beautiful, In a few clicks! Best Brain Challenge in partnership with International bodies has designed a football Best Brains Challenge.  It will helps to celebrate education cutting through all areas of studies in our 3 level education. The basic education, Junior Secondary School and the Senior Secordary School. You need to be deligent in your studies. It's not a challenge of fluke, it is about your study patterns.  It cuts through mobile phone, Internet web and lastly, the TV programme.

Best Brains wants to celebrate our best brains in the country from the basic school stage. What are you waiting for, join the fun as we celebrate you both as a parent or as a school.

Be our guest! Be our winner!! Be our Best Brain For 2017/2018.


3 Best Brain Level Tiers

Mobile Tier

“Do you wish to show case your brilliancy in education and you feel, you don't know how to be nominated for it, opportiunity is here now, You need to engage in our mobile application competition challenge game with just N100 only. Please ensure you answer all the questions as quick as possible. You will be called based on your speed. This is your auditioning stage. This game simply helps to encourage every youth in Nigeria that they can walk before Kings, not Ordinary man, provided they master their education.”

Internet Web Tier

“First of all hands, after the mobile tier best students have been selected, they will be introduced to the Web Internet Tier Level competition. In this level, aggregrate score points which will be kept on the server and the best 22 students will be selected. The best study pattern results will be futher give a short quiz online to select the  22 best brains mentioned above. The third place  team will be  offered gift as individual students. ”  At this level students reading patterns will be analysied. 

Television Tier

“At third level, every student is a winner. We know,  there is a need to celebrate our best talents in education. This programme is a reality TV show challenge. This will help to encourage the young ones that it pays to read to store up skills for the future. Lots of company have done this in entertainment, we feel its high time we start. The 22 best students will be celebrated, 10 out of them will have a home flash back recording and their parents will be honored too.” Ensure you are the one to be enlisted.